newARTschool, Intensive guest study program (short term)

The newARTschool Basel is offering the opportunity for short term students to join our study program for a period of 4 weeks up to a full trimester. Interested students are invited to take part in classes at our school, for the following dates this academic year:

     5 week program: 23th of September until the 07st of December 2019

     6 week program: 06th of January until the 11st of February 2020

     4 week program: 20rd of April until the 15th of May 2020                                                                                                                                                                     

It is also possible to join for a full trimester, our trimester dates are:

     23th of September until the 07st of December 2019  

     06th of January until the 27st of March 2020 (2nd trimester)  

     20th of April until the 30th of June 2020 (3rd trimester)


Students will take part in the different practical classes (oil painting, watercolors and drawing) and also have the option of attending theory classes too. Whilst we can guarantee translation of the practical classes into English and Mandarin, the theory classes are in German (we will however strive to provide private English translation, wherever possible).

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The aim of the studies at newARTschool is the unfolding and education of artistic abilities and not the piling up of knowledge. A  path of  careful practice and intensive study of the development of art and man directs the artistic abilities to the future. The content approaches the task from two sides: practice and study in the course, experience and acheivement in the work, opening and recognition in thought.
The main focus is an intensive study of art history, contemporary and historical, and the study of the thought of anthroposophy. With the additional support of eurythmy we aim to push through our habitual ideas of what art and man is to breathe a bit of the fresh air of the future.

The next course starts on September 25, 2017

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Trimester 2016/17:                                       

Autumn break         26.09. -  09.12.                Summer holiday 2017    03.07.  -  23.09.
Winter break           09.01. -  31.03.               
Spring break           24.04. -  02.07.                   


Trimester 2017/18:                                       Holidays 2017/18:

Autumn break     25.09.  -  08.12.                  Christmas holiday   09.12. -  07.01. 
Winter break       08.01.  -  23.03.                  Fastnachts holiday     17.02. -  25.02.
Spring break       16.04.  -  30.06.                  Easter holidays       24.03. -  14.04.


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How do we come to pictures that lie deeper than our every day picture of the world? How do we find new pictures, the source of pictures? Diametrically oppossed to the observation of nature we endeavour to awaken pictures out of the soul, also through series of practices devoted to this end.  We attempt to come into day dreaming, to the place where sleeping unexpected, imaginative picture worlds arise before the soul, and when possible to let this inspire our brushwork.

Emphasis is placed upon the development of different artistic languages. When you work with a certain language what do you hope to achieve? Which is the correct artistic solution when I want to work with different realms of nature? The range of possibilities are worked through to free us from a certain style (also our own) to penetrate to other creative regions.

We research the riddles of colour in close connection with the riddles of the soul. We learn to experience colour as substance, light and gesture of the soul as one and the same. We learn to be adept in the work with colour, to raise our conceptual ability and sensitivity to colour to the point where all colour theories dissipate and we feel at home in the world of colour. 

The world of line and form, the most elementary graphic modes require our special attention. What lives in the form? What qualities do the different lines have? How does the perceived form, the model or figure, correspond to the expression that I seek? The research of figurative drawing between perception and expression, the bringing out of the drawing elements in order to come from model to work, the drawing as depiction of a theme, and many further questions are thoroughly explored.

The schooling of perception, to observe our abilities exactly, is the starting point for an exact understanding of the world. Whether we look out into the world or we look into the soul, in the process of becoming artists we must care for this exact and clear view. Drawing and observation of nature serves to show the way forward as a practice method. It teaches us to differentiate between perception and our inner pictures of reality.

The learning of the fundamental technical requirements of painting is the basis of all the exercises. Students establish abilities and knowledge of a range of painting and artistic techniques. Oil, pastells, and a range of drawing means are studied and practiced. The choice of technique in the end is free, consolidated through an extensive experience of the different painting and drawing possibilities.

  • Foundation Diploma: 3 years study in art, painting and anthroposophy.
  • Diploma in Painting: 1 year study consolidating and following the foundation study. 
  • Diploma in Book Illustration: 1 year study consolidating and following the foundation study.
  • Pedagogical qualification coordinated by Academy for anthroposophical Pedagogics (AfaP)
    Infoblatt Pädagogischer Abschluss



Admission interviews present the training and are an oppurtunity to clarify individual aims and wishes as to whether the training is what you are looking for.

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Registration: Please send us your application in writing with your signature to the office of the school and enclose two passport size photos and a résumé.



Deregistration: The last deregistration date is one month before the trimester begins. The deregistration must be in writing. If the deregistration occurs later, then the participant is obligated to pay the full amount due for the trimester.