How can you support our educational impulse?
In order for the school to develop further we are dependant on your support. Economically the school is able to sustain itself but we do not have the means to extend our work further due to financial constraints. We always look for people to support the school, to find new teachers, to pay appropriate salaries in order for the studies and research to develop further.

Donations: Acc.-Nr. 60-458849-5


The Circle of Supporters of the newARTschool arose out of a student inititative. Individuals form a supporting circle by giving periodic or one-time contributions. Naturally, all contributions are welcome, because even small periodic contributions can provide vital assistance.

We go to great lengths to cultivate these connections to the Circle of Supporters and also send a Newsletter with invitations to exhibitions, the Picture Fund Exchange and further school events. The members of the Circle of Supporters also have the possibility to borrow original pictures of our Picture Fund.

A contribution of assistance can also go towards a single student. Our students come from different countries (Switzerland, German, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Israel, USA, etc.) and therefore with different economical relationships to the costs of schooling in Switzerland. When you have interest for a Sponsorship please apply directly to us.

In the name of the newARTschool
Julitta Krebs and Zvi Szir